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WCR40, momentum gathers

Yes, it's Rolls Royce - and it wasn't the only one on the Rally! I was at Gaydon for the second organisers meeting yesterday, things are gathering momentum and it's looking like a pretty special day. The role call of cars is growing and it's really impressive that so many have been identified and tracked down but to see so many owners committing to bring them is great. Some will not be roadworthy, some won't be pretty, some will not even be on 4 wheels BUT they'll be there and in one place. Frankly I'm amazed and feeling privileged to be part of it all. Even the long lost and reclusive XJB302H is promised, yes Paddy Hopkirk's 2.5 PI that finished fourth will be there. Apparently the owner made contact at Race Retro and confirmed - so a big well done and thank you to him. We've got over 20 original competitors confirmed, with another 20+ mechanics and support crews also coming. Top that

WCR40 updates

Latest update on the fast approaching Gaydon event

Need a GT6?

One of the things I like about this old car malarkey is that on your travels you meet lots of interesting people along the way. One such chap is Gary Whitcombe who was a competitor on both the 1974 UDT Marathon and the 1977 London to Sydney Marathon. I met him at one of the WCR40 event meetings and it turns out he lives a stones throw from my parents house in Pershore, Worcestershire. Whilst chatting to him about films, Triumphs, deserts and life changing experiences he asked if I knew anyone who wanted a nice GT6. He then proceeded to describe an honest car that has been waxoiled and garaged but hardly driven recently. Thsee pics were taken in a hurry after a rainy day. Gary says the waxoil is every where and it's staying on if its what kept it pretty much rust free for 37 years! The sill trims are still on (these often get lost when sills are replaced) but 2 of the little clips need fitting back on the sill edge. Gary says that when he cleaned the drain holes in the sills liqui