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On the road again

Well on the plane to Pune, near Mumbai (Bombay) today. I've created uncertainty in what the guys here are doing, prompted some confusion, provoked thought and left them wondering what the hell they should be doing, all in all a successful week :-) Saw my first accidnet here, motorcycle got sandwiched between the back of a bus and a tractor/trailer combo, low speed impact, tractors are renown for having no brakes here. Fair play to th rider, the first thing he did was take his helmet off and whack the tractor driver round the head with it! As for Triumphs well it's been a barren trip again. I did meet a guy from Chennai (Madras) who knew of the Standard Triumph factory but couldn't recall seeing a Herald or Gazel on the road for years. RBRR entries continue to roll in at home :-) Jason ----------------------------------------- Email sent from Virus-checked using McAfee(R) Software and scanned for spam

RBRR entry open, the fun starts here

Mrs C reports that "lots" of entry forms have arrived at Chinn Towers, she's putting them "bloody annoying big boxes" of RNLI stuff that's also arrived. Looks like when I get home I will be busy then, almost as busy as I was today handing out cheques to hundreds of Indians and making "You've all done very well" speeches - I am still amazed at the buzz these guys create, amazingly enthusiastic, almost as much activity as in stomach last night!! Only took me 3 days to get Delhi Belly and I haven't even got to Delhi yet! Still, my company provides excellent medical services, the cork really helped. J Jason ----------------------------------------- Email sent from Virus-checked using McAfee(R) Software and scanned for spam

Round Britain Reliability Run 2008

blAnd so it begins..... Entry is now open, the magazie has been printed and you should be getting yours any day now. That means you`ll be scribbling your entry forms and send them to me, only I won't be in the UK! Yes the opening of the entry list coincides with a trip to India but fear not, your entries will not sit on the door mat for ever. I'm only going to 12 days, I return on the 30th November and I'll process all the entries on the weekend I return. I've left instructions with Mrs C that she should keep the entries in the order in which they dropped on the mat and I'll process them accordingly. Entry numbers will be allocated in order of receipt, my decision is final and I will only wind you up mercilessly if you whinge. Oh and the first entry is here, the Pearson/Chinn Canley Camper Standard Atlas - now what number will I give that one?? Clearly No1 would be unfair - Oh, I'll sort it out later :-) If this Blog entry looks a bit weird it's because I

Major progress

Well it's been building for days, weeks, even months. I've put it off and found other things to do, made excuses and avoided it. I've relegated it to the back of my mind but it just wouldn't lie down, it kept waking me up in the middle of the night, like the nagging guilt of a body burried under the patio (I'm not doing THAT again!). I could take it no more, I had to do something about it. This morning at 9:00 Greanwich Mean Time, I did it. I took the 10CR stickers off the Vitesse! Wow, it feels good to say it. I was going to wash the car but it sstarted to rain and whilst I don't mind a little water I wasn't about to get soaked so I left the old girl in piece and came in to make a list of jobs that need doing!