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Do you need a Magazine?

eBay Seller: zoe deere: Magazines, Books, Comics Magazines items on My daughter Zoe is disposing of my collection of magazines - acquired from various sources in a quest for info on World Cup Rally cars etc. I've done a deal with her that I'll help her list them on eBay and she can pocket the profit - if she makes any :-) I think she should make a few quid but we've kept the prices down so we can shift them - if you need anything from the 80's and 90's. Titles include Practical Classics, Classic & Sportscar, Your Classic, Autosport, Motor, Classic Car, Cars & Car Conversions and many others. There are an absolute load of Practical Classics mags. As I acquired piles of them I have got 2 and 3 copies of the same mag in some cases. I am a terrible collector and unable to throw stuff away so help her to help me!! All proceeds go to sending her to see her mate in Florida OR towards her dream car, a Herald Coupe.

Idle hands and a keyboard!

In a moment of boredom I've managed to do some more RBRR preparation. I've bought some Castrol Valvemaster lead replacement additive for the run off eBay of course! Funnily enough when you look at the listings they all seem to come back to one seller! Nevertheless have a few quid of mine and will be sending me a sack of leaded jizz to squirt in my engine! We'll see what occurs. I also bought one of those sil blow up travel pillows - I saw a couple of people using them on the plane home from holiday and they seemed to get some sleep - with ear plugs in and my head supported I think I may have a better chance at some rest. Granted it's very unlikely but you gotta try haven't you - I don't think the back seat is going to be any good but who knows. I'm not averse to pulling over and getting 30 mins kip if we need it. With a 2 man crew we have to be sensible about these things. I'm also intending on running wi

PI Plumbing sorted

A bit of a landmark today, I managed to collect the last of the plumbing fittings and sort out the fuel line. I went down to the local Pirtek fluid systems place - they are hydraulic experts and can make up hoses etc for you. I didn't want the hose made up but I did need someone to help me get around the incompatibility of the fitting I had with the PRV. Result, they had exactly what I needed - it did cost me a whopping £7.79 which was more than all the other fittings combined but it works. The down side is that I had to lose the fuel tap that was connected to the PRV but I can live with that. The hose I've used is pretty serious stuff with massive burst pressure but takes "push on" fittings. Easy, you just push on the hose and it will take a couple of hundred PSI no problem. So you "just push on" the fittings do you? Yeah right! They were a bitch to get on, now they are on I've no doubt they will stay on! I made up a clamp to hold onto the hose and make

I've seen it and it's big

I've just managed to wrestle Zoe's camera from her and downloaded the pictures. This one gives you an idea of the size of the rig I was driving - it's BIG!

Triumph World Picnic 3rd September

Triumph World - Feature: 10th Triumph World Picnic This year it's being held at Wellington Country Park just South of Reading off the main A33 Basingstoke Road - litterally just down the road for me! I think we may try and take both cars for a run out, the Vitesse is not 100% but it'll be OK for such a short run out (famous last words!) I'll pack a tow rope! If you're intending on going let me know or come and say hello. There seem to be a few guys from my TSSC Area going, it is local afterall :-)

Cool man!

One cooling coil fitted and nestling nicely in the boot. I wish I could get the filter lower so I could put a cover over all this but it's just too tall. I may take a saw to it and trim off the top of the housing. Then I can mount the bolts lower and it won't stand to tall - there's no real need for it to be so tall. 

The battle of the sexes, plumbing style!

I should have known, there are different types fo female fittings! No wonder I can never understand women! I finally managed to get out to the garage to attack the Vitesse plumbing and sort out the fuel lines. I fitted the larger cpacity T piece weeks ago and today I thought I'd get the cooling coil and Aeroquipe hoses in place. Well the cooling coild went in surprisingly easy, I even managed to plum in the tell tale drain from the motor - this is the little pipe that tells you if your seals are failing. If you have failing seals you'll get a little drip of petrol out of this, it's important that you ensure it routes out of the car - petrol leaking and collecting in your car is not a good thing! So I extended the hose down to the drain in the boot floor, added a grommet and all is well. So, bouyed by my success, I set about the real job. I fell at the first hurdle! I had bout the neccessary fittings and hose as soon as I realised the plumbing wasn't up t the job. I ord

Smell a Rat?

I'm back from holidays and ploughing through a sea of emails at work and at home. I was bored at work so I delved into the "home email" bin and found one from a mate. Seems that well known breaker of Triumphs Quiller Triumph has spun off a vermin themed operation - RatSport - check out their contact pages, it's all the same. Having had a look around Rat's site it seems the rodent themed outlet may just be the shiny bits selling arm of Quiller, it's all general shiny bits for the yoofs to bling der motas wiv.

Only in America....

....can you be overtaken by a Moose!

Moving moving moving

We've moved again, this time to Wisconsin Dells, the Blackpool of Wisconsin! Full of waterparks, fun fairs and tourist attractions - should be fun for the kids. We've seen a lot of US muscle cars on the roads getting here, there must have been some sort of car show somewhere! It's been good to see some of these cars being driven but Americans really do respect their speed limits out here, it was a shame none of the cars were being driven hard :-) Claudia says I can't have a Plymouth Satellite, it'll use more petrol turning round than the Vitesse does in a month (and that's a lot) - also, it won't fit in the garage!

eBay Motors: Plymouth : Satellite (item 120018428776 end time Aug-19-06 08:40:36 PDT)

eBay Motors: Plymouth : Satellite (item 120018428776 end time Aug-19-06 08:40:36 PDT) : "Item number: 120018428776" This isn't the car I was on about but another one, looks nasty in this colour but still a serious piece of kit and in Wiconsin :-)

Bloody left hand drive!

Where's the steering wheel gone?? 

In the land of the free

Well I'm sat in the world's lrgest shopping Mall, sipping my frothy coffee and collecting my emails from the Apple shop's free WiFi internet connection (that only works when you're sat right in front of the shop). Mall of America in in Minneapolis, a city I have driven through in my Dad's 50 foot long "rig" - a pick-up and "fifth wheel" trailer - an experience for sure! I've seen one Triumph, the one I knew I would see. I've also seen a couple of MGs, one Midget and one B, both in what looked like daily use. I parked my 7 litre 6 seaterpic-up next to the Midget to get a photo but then realised I didn't have my camera on me! Never mind - I went to a car show and saw many many US muscle cars - I fell in love with a brutal thing called a Plymouth Satelite - one of 315 made with a huge "Hemi" in it - the car that first brought the Hemi to the public - I asked the owner what gas mileage he got "one gallon ever 500 yards"