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Parts collecting

I needed an inertia cutout switch for the PI - there are original Lucas ones out there but they seem to go for silly money. As this is a safety thing - in an accident it will shut off your fuel supply - I thought I might just spash out and buy new - eBay of course! They were cheap so I bought two :-) 

and so it begins....

I had to go up to York on Friday for a business meeting. It's a bloody long way to York, especially as the meeting was for 10am - I left in plenty of time and despite the fog I got there for 9:30. Business done I headed for home, stopping in at Canley Classics to see Dave and start the ball rolling on the Lucas PI conversion for the Vitesse. Over the years I've acquired several sets of Lucas PI kit, from all sorts of places. Some of it's good, some of it's covered in crap and hard to distinguish what it is! I really need to start with an early TR5 metering unit but I don't think there's anything close in what I have, it's mainly saloon stuff. So I asked Dave if he'd look over it all and give me some advice on what's worth keeping, what's worth selling and what's worth melting down for scrap! I'd like to make it look good as well as go good - the car is used every week so it's not going to be bling bling but I do like things to look g