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Clutching at straws

The Bank Holiday weekend saw me take the TR over to the annual Isle of Wight Triumph Weekend. It's a family type event, not hard core driving but getting there and back can be fun in holiday traffic, especially when loaded up with camping gear! I'd spent some time (with help - thanks Tim and Carl) getting the new exhaust system on the car, what a nightmare that was and it's still not right but it worked OK (ish). I'd raised the rear end with some poly spacers and the TR was no longer dragging its arse over every bump in the road - which was fortunate as there were a lot on the island. It ran OK and apart from the windows rattling terribly (must install those new seals) I was quite pleased with it - no overheating issues despite some pretty hot ambient temps and a lot of sitting in traffic. No the issue this time was one of the clutch or perhaps more accurately the clutch pedal I think. I had noticed a slight stickiness to the pedal a few days before and found a