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 You can't keep them all, or so Mrs C keeps telling me.  So, my TR6 needs a new home. It's a 1970 UK car, with overdrive. Its all up and running well. I've had it for 7 years and its completed a few events and trips, in it over the years including a Round Britain Reliability Run, well I am on the Club Triumph organising team so it seemed necessary to do 2000 miles non stop in the TR. It's been used well and I've taken it to France and various trips with friends around the UK, it's never been home on a flatbed. When I acquired the car, back in 2012, it had been off the road for many years in dry store. I drove it home from Essex to Berkshire and apart from a little last minute high temperature when I came off the motorway, it was fine. The rise in temp was due to a poor connection to the electric fan. That's all been replaced now with a modern controller and in 2018 a new radiator. Shown below when fitted Over the years I have replaced the inlets and linkages