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Bill Goodwin

It's been a while since I updated this blog so it's with a somewhat heavy heart that I'm using it now to report the loss of my friend Bill Goodwin. Bill passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning whilst on holiday in the UK with his wife and friends.  Bill was a fellow Triumph enthusiast and Club Triumph member, for several years he'd been coming over to the UK to take part in various events, the Round Britain Run and 10 Countries Run with Club Triumph and the Isle of Wight and Stafford with the TSSC.  He'd stayed stayed at my place several times and knew the family well. He had met and befriended many of the Triumph crowd and was staying with Peter Wenzel when he passed away. Bill had been recovering from an operation and had intended to do the 10CR, it's poignant that he died as we were celebrating the finish with lots of beer, I'm sure he would of approved. When I start to feel down about his passing I remember the good times and feel th