Saturday, January 31, 2009

Triumph Rally cars - long after the World Cup Rally

Via the Atlas Bulletin Board I was pointed at another Picasa album that shows a few interesting pictures including an ex-works World Cup car, an ex-works Mk1 and of all things a rally Stag!!
The pictures were taken in 1985 at RAF Lindholme
I've added the albums owner as a"favourite" in my public Picasa profile.

World Cup Video

Found this whilst trawling the net, again.

Triumph 2.5Pi World Cup Rally 1970

New Album - what does the web think?

I've been playing about with the new improved Picasa, a really good free photo program. I've uploaded a few Mk1 pictures here
I'm a little dispaoointed that no one has yet made any comments on the photos - I welcome people's sensible input here, if you know when or where the photo was taken or can answer any of the questions I've asked (or set me right where I've got it wrong) then please have a go!

From 2000 Mk1 Rally Cars

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More World Cup photos

Considering I only had one picture of this car I am really pleased to have made contact with one of the guys who drove it on the World Cup rally, Brian Englefield. He's very kindly sent me a few photos of the car on the event and in subsequent campagns.
Here's UKV701H the LHD entry of Brian Englefield, Keith Baker and Andrew Lloyd-Hirst, somewhere in Serbia I think
From World Cup Rally 1970

I've uploaded a few more and will blog them as I get round to it or take a look at my newly created (so it will probably fall over) World Cup Rally gallery on Picassa - click on the photo above and go there. I've included a randon World Cup photo in my Blog homepage for those who get here via the web at large rather than via Club Triumph.
Where possible I will always credit the source of the photos - this one was from a professional Rally photographer, sadly the firm seems to be defunct now as I can't find them. If anyone knows better please let me know.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick Restoration Project?

I was transferring some photos from my father's old laptop to a CD for him when I happened across this fine example of a New Zealand Triumph. Photo taken in 2004, not sure of location but near some hot springs if that makes any sense to anyone.

Despite the loss of what looks like a PI, I kinda like the way it's going back to nature.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Having a bit of a World Cup day

A spark from the Club Triumph forum, a chat with an present owner of one of the cars and an email from an entrant to the event have all rekindled my interest. I've been looking for pictures and details of a couple of cars from the event, the sort of works car BYE377H or "Car No 1" (as it lost it's registration over the last 39 years) and the private "works assisted" entry UKV701H that I always thought was left in South America.

Well the web works in mysterious ways and what does it throw up today but pictures of both cars as well as other info.

Here's a picture I've seen before but only in poor quality, this one isn't great but it's better. It's Bobby Buchanan-Michelson getting a speeding ticket whilst driving out of London from the start in BYE377H - there are more pictures of this event as it was reported in the newspapers pretty extensively at the time (apparenly, I mean I was 4 at the time!).

Then there was this picture, which again I've seen before. It's of entry number 39, UKV701H, Andrew Lloyd-Hirst, Brian Englefield and I think K Baker. Now this was a car I though was left in S. America after an accident somewhere near Montevideo but it turns out the car was repatriated via a roundabout route. It seems likely it's lost now but anyway, here it is, on full chat