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Stop and go

Well the last 6 months didn't really go to plan. Too much work, away all week, and too much lethargy, cold garage and lack of mojo on my part. It's been too easy to stay inside, by the fire, in the warm.  Life just gets in the way!  I started planning to change my job last year and its all come together now. It's a bit of a subtle change and from the outside it's no change. I'm still working for the same firm but now on a contract basis. Paid differently, more flexibility and the option to work on other projects. The other change has been that I decided to buy a flat closer to work so I can cut out the commute and stop living in a hotel, which after 6+ years gets a bit old. I'm keeping Chinn Towers in Reading, this flat will just be a weekday bas and hopefully I can see a bit more of Mrs C and the growing clan. OK enough of the excuses, what all this means initially is that I've got a month off work and a load of jobs to do to prepare for moving into a flat