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Dilemmas and quandaries - your advice please!

So I've just sold the Sixfire, it's now with it's new owner in York. I hope you enjoy it Andrew and get out there and use it. If you need any advice on which events to get involved in just shout. Now I'm looking at the other Triumph in the garage and thinking whether it's time for a change. You see I've stumbled across a rather nice Mk1 2.5Pi Saloon that I've sort of taken a shine too. I can't really have both (no space, cash, time to tend to them both) so it's one or t'other. I really love the Vitesse, it's got an engine that's just been run in and raring to go, a fresh gearbox and is pretty good order. She's no concourse beauty but a used and enjoyed tool. What's it worth? I don't know, I hope the right side of £4000 with the original matching seats back in and the hardtop included. Maybe more if I put some sweat and titivation into the paint work. What's the PI worth or more importantly, what can I get it for? Well I do


Yes the Sixfire is sold, loads of interest at Stoneleigh, lots of people taking the details and lots of likely looking buyers but at the end of the day I only needed one and he was there, cash in hand. I got what I was asking for it and I'm a happy it's gone to a good home. So, it's with mixed feeling that I say farewell to the Sixfire but I've encouraged the new owner Andrew to join a club and he tells me he's going to get out and enjoy it. Bye bye Sixfire.

Selling the family silver

Well not quite but it has been part of the family for a while now albeit in the hands of my wife. The Sixfire is up for sale and will be at Stoneleigh on Sunday. We've got to the stage now where using it as a daily driver isn't possible as Mrs C needs to carry both kids around an well a two seater just won't work. We don't have the space for yet more cars (although I am still working on that Mk1 (or 2 for that matter) PI dream of mine. We're just in the final stages of sorting out some fettling on the car which is up at Canleys. So what is it that's for sale? Well I did some blurb and will take some up to date pictures on the weekend so I can put up a web page for this so anyone interested can get all the detail. Here is the sales pitch. I'll hit the press with it too. The replacement's already bought and in service :-) 1971 Triumph Spitfire 6 cylinder 2 litre - The Sixfire. The car that Triumph never made but should have so it's been left up to the