Monday, November 10, 2008

Another India trip draws to a close.

I am sat in Delhi airport using fruit based technology to scribble a few words, not because I have much to say, mainly because I can!
It's times like these I wonder why I do this job, it's gone midnight, the plane is delayed and I have just watched some Russian bloke cut his toe nails, in the departure "lounge". I am also knackered.
It's been a hectic trip with much eating and drinking in the evenings to keep the relationships fresh, it's fun the first time, then it gets samey, then it gets a little tiring but overall I do still enjoy the place and the people.
No Triumphs spotted this trip, the nearest I got was what I thought were. once a couple of Leyland 20's parked up and rotting in Pune. I say "I think" because I never actually got close enough to tell for sure!
I did see Indian ingenuity at it's peak though, imagine the scene - scorching hot day at the petrol station. Big queue of bikes (there are more bikes in Pune than cars) and there is a power cut so no fuel can be pumped. No problem for the "whatever it takes" Indians, what you do is you get a bucket and you drain petrol from the waiting tanker, into you bucket and slosh it into the waiting bikes. You can see the evaporating fuel haze and smell the petrol from the other side of the street - truly they are mentalists.
The rest of the trip has been uneventful the usual internal flights through gut wrenching turbulence, lairy taxi rides in free for all traffic, cheap booze by the gallon and a credit card hammered to within an inch of its life.
I did have a good night out with the lads in the office in Pune, at their "liquor den". A rough and ready place where, when you order a rum and coke you get a bottle of "Old Monk" and a bottle of "thumbs up", the local cola. It's all very Indian but despite the relaxed closing - "it closes when we stop drinking" I had a decent evening / early morning with no too much hangover. As a bonus I actually got home OK despite the fact that everyone on the road at that time was drunk, including the cops!
Well the Russian guy has gone to board the Moscow or Kiev flight and has been replaced by a rather nice looking Spanish girl in the daftest MC Hammer baggy trousers. Still, at least she has kept her toe nails to herself and not clipped them onto the floor like comrade Slobo.
Time for a coffee and some more people watching or I will fall asleep right here - not a good idea!
Home in half a day, can't wait.