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My first works drive!

It's a long story and one that was full of ups and downs as we nearly didn't make it but it all come good in the end thanks to Dave Pearson's perseverance. Basically works Triumph Driver Bill Bradley had a few cars "left over" at the end of the Triumph Competitions Department. Included was ADU 5B one of the rally Spitfires. 5B has been with Bill ever since, languishing in the back of a barn in partly dismantled state but largely complete. Bill has been slowly piecing the car back together for the last few years getting help from his considerable and venerable network of ex-works guys. The car has been slowly taking shape for years culminating in the idea that it would be a good idea to commit to running the car in the Norwich Union classic on Sunday 14th October. Now that meant a lot of shaking down of the car, it needed an MOT, along the way it needed quite a bit of tweaking and fettling to get an MOT, get it handling somewhere in the right ball park and getting

Back in the world again

I'm back. My confidence to fart has returned and my nervousness and spare pants in my bag have been banished! India was good, hard work but fun at the same time - some great people, some good work challenges and the potential to make a mark - I think I'm going to enjoy it. I've come back to lots of jobs that have stacked up including sorting out a drive in the Norwich Union Classic a week on Sunday. It's now in the hands of this specialist Yes Dave Pearson and I are at it again, although I hope he won't stick his tongue in my ear again. We've got a special car to drive, well we hope we do as it's not finished yet! I can't say too much at the moment but if we can get the thing finished in time it will be a special day indeed for both of us. The other news is that following a board meeting of the Canley Classics "What can we do next that no one else has done?" committee (OK it's me and Dave and some beer) Team Atlas has been born - yes we wil