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Lucas fuel pump resurrection

After much work, head scratching and testing I have built some pumps I'm proud of. I enjoyed doing them and have a couple for spares for myself and a lot of potential to make more. I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, what can be reused and what needs to be binned and more importantly how to test the results. Sourcing and buying parts outside of the normal retail outlets has lead to buying in quantity but means that I have the stock to do more. It also means that I need to recoup some of my outlay so the first "surplus" pump is on ebay now to see if there's a market for these. I'm never going to make any money at these because there’s too much manual labour involved and the parts aren’t cheap but I hope I can make pumps that work. I’ve selected the best bits, reconditioned and replaced where necessary and tested a lot. I’m going to run each pump for a min of 2 hours on the rig to ensure it doesn’t lose pressure when hot. Whether I put each one on the car