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Ticket please!

Well it's been a long time since posting anything here! Apologies but life's been a bit hectic recently - two changes of job and lots of travelling has meant my attention to Triumphs has been pretty lacking. Anyway, the ticket in the heading is an MOT test ticket, secured today by my every jolly and reasonable MOT man - really good bloke and always helpful, I know MOT testers come in all varieties, from jobsworth right down to pedantic git but occasionally you find a good 'un. Sun Garage on the A4 between Reading and Thatcham. The Clutch issue has been improved, I replaced all the hydraulics and tidied it all up - there's still a hint of the stickiness in there and I think I might just take the whole pedal box assembly out and have a proper look - I always suspected the pedal bush so will have a look at that. Such a pain in the neck to get at though! My thoughts about heat were rubbish, the slave is the on the opposite side of the engine to the exhaust! The bra