Saturday, December 02, 2017

2018 RBRR

Wow, that was a roller coaster!

It's RBRR entry season and once every 2 years Chinn Towers goes mental with paperwork, except this time it didn't. It went mental with web based shenanigans!
We went 'on the line' as they say, gone were the paper forms, envelopes, stamps, cheques - in came the virtual world.
Keith Bennett has been working away and has created a new website with an events area for us organisers to create and administer events.
It's been a long time coming and we did have to burn the midnight oil to get it all working but it's there and survived.
OK so it was not without it's issues but those were mainly due to the fact that the event 'engine' runs on the web site backbone so we couldn't have the event engine without the new site. The new site isn't 100% ready but I wanted to press on with the event engine and well, we did have a few issues. Most of them are due to the new site needing users to sign in and synchronise (sort of ) their old site data with the new site data. If they didn't (or there were issues) then they couldn't make a RBRR entry.
Now this caused a little panic and a some people got their panties in a bunch over it forgetting that we have never (and I mean never) turned away anyone in the first week of entry being open for any (and I mean any) RBRR that Tim and the current team have run. Yes we fill up fast but we do everything we can to help people get on.
Most of our issues are resolved, we have a few residuals with about 14 entrants who still have stuff we need to fix, most of those are with site credentials, a few have payment issues and the rest are ones I am being ultra cautious with - we spotted activity that looked like failed attempts to enter and I've sent email out to those people just to check that they realise they don't have a valid entry (check the list here 
There is a thread on the Club Forum that you should read if you have issues  it has several instructions including what to do if your entry is showing as a reserve and what to do if you can't see an "ENTER" button on the entry list.
If you can't get it working do not panic, just get in touch with Tim, Keith or I and we will add you to the snagging list and fix it - you may not get a response straight away, we all have lives but we will get to you eventually.
Please help yourselves first, read the November  Club mag, page 12. Make sure you're respecting the case sensitivity of your user name and password and make sure you are actually a paid up member (you do not have to be a paid up member to read the forum, you do need to be paid up to enter the RBRR) 
For those issues I know about I have put a temporary fix in place and you will see some entries with only a few details, most of them are problem cases. If your is one of those, and you can get into the site, you can amend your own entry and fix those. There is no problem starting over just tell me and I will delete any orphan entries.
For those who show as "In_Payment" it means we haven't got confirmation from our payment service provider that the payment has gone through - that doesn't mean it hasn't, it just means our service provider, Lloyds is a bit tetchy. If you can see that the payment has gone through please let me know. I am in contact with the Treasurer (who has access to the money side of things) and we'll work it out.
Oh and the numbering is shot to hell, please don't worry about this it will change when we get time, I probably need to go through and manually correct them all, we had a bug in the code that counted abandoned entries and allowed duplicates so you can imagine the train wreck that caused!
Finally, this is self service. So, if you have mis-spelt your name, car details or anything else, you need to fix it. We will take these details as correct and it's what will get engraved onto tankards, published in the mag, etc. Please keep it updated with any changes too.