Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You think UK driving is bad?

I'm in Cyprus at my Parent's place, just got back from Cairo - what a mad place! They drive anything anywhere - donkey carts up the motorway the wrong way is common! As soon as I can figure out how to get my camera and my parent's PC to talk to each other I'll put some ohotos up. No Triumphs seen anywhere yet :-(

Thursday, August 11, 2005


My work colleagues have found the Blog! So hello to Jihad Jackson, Purlpe Steve, Lawrence aka Mr Phone Porn and Alan, the artist formerly known as the Boss.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Triumphs MGs and the weather

Thought I should just make a quick entry about the last couple of week's activities. I went to Silverstone last weekend, to the MG Car Club's 75th anniversary bash. I wasn't too interetsed in the MGs but serious respect to them all, to see that many cars from all the different clubs and registers was great - the Triumph movement could take a leaf out of MG's book on that. I went to see the ex-Works rally cars for the 50th anniversary of the BMC Competitions Dept. That was well worth the trip. I had not intended to stay but started off dropping in on Dave Pearson at Canley Classics on the Friday night, there a cunning plan was hatched - he'd be camping with his youngest daughter, I could do likewise and take my youngest and well there you go. Saturdaysaw me packing up the car and with Poppy on board off we went to the MG bash!
I'm not sure what the MG owners thought of us in our loud and proud Vitesse, snorting and popping our way through the place - we took a wrong turn and ended up in the MG TF enclosure! I eventually found my way to a space in the huge camping area and we set up home.
The show was good, the weather great on the Saturday too. We bumped into a couple of fellow Triumph owners, Tim Bancroft and James Carruthers so had a beer and a chat - they were taking in the TR Natioanl at Malvern the next day too.
I managed to bag a ticket for the Works Drivers reception that night - £60 a piece to Joe Public! It wasn't really my cup of tea and although I stayed for a couple of hours I felt like a bit of spare part. I did bump inot a couple of TSSC members and had a chat and a drink or two before legging it back to the tent. Dave and family had been looking after Poppy for me, she seemed fie so I settled in with Dave and a few beers.
The next day was a slow start, the weather was crap and eventually threw it down with rain - we stayed as long as we could but it was no fun, the races were awful due to the conditions and so I broke camp in the rain, got soaked putting it all in the car and off we went.
An easy journey home in the pouring rain and the tent is still hung up in the garage over the dehumidifier but it was a goodtrip out.