Saturday, October 15, 2005

All work and no play

Yes, it's been work work work all that way lately. I'm spending 3 days a week in Norwich living in a hotel - it soon loses it's appeal after a few weeks of it. Still I spent today cleaning the Sixfire to make sure it doesn't end up being put away dirty for the winter like it did last year. I even waxed it and polished the plastic soft-top windows. Although it does get used in the winter I would like to try and keep it protected from the salt as much as I can - I waxoiled it earlier in the year and really would like to do it again - the price of a can of waxoil is trivial compared to sorting out body work issues! Also I am a dab hand at waxoil and I;m pretty crap at bodywork :-)
I've got to get up to Canley Classics soon too, I've got a load of Lucas PI kit to check over and fettle with Dave so we can pick the best of it - I mean to have that fuel injection on the car this winter - I always wanted a fuel injected Vitesse and that's what I shall have. I just need to sell a few more odds and sods to make a little more cash for the job. Oh and I've decided to try twin tanks to get a bit more range out of the car - I'm going to try 2 Herald tanks rather than 2 Vitesse tanks as I don't want to make it too big - the boot isn't that bg to start with. Coupled with the weight of the fuel I think it could overload the swing spring when I inevitably brim it up! I've got a couple of tanks sourced, just gotta get myself together to go fetch them!