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Fancy a Porsche?

Porsche : 944 Turbo Race / Track car Here's the link to my Brother-in-Law's racer that's been languishing for years in his lock-up. He's finally decided to retire from racing and sell it on. Anyone have any other ideas where to advertise it? I've suggested PPC and Retro mags.

More bits and pieces

Just a few photos of the fruits of my collecting labours. First the air filter canister, sand blasted and painted in satin black - it came out pretty good I think. I just need to sort out the horn positioning and then I can fit the pipes and the clip thingy that the air pipes attach too. Sorry about the weird angle of the photo, not sure why but I kinda like it! Note also fancy "Snap-on" wing protectors - very gaudy! Here's my "new" clock and "new" cubby door, much better than the piece of black painted hardboard that I bodged in to make it look a bit better than the scabby hole that was left once I'd removed the Dictaphone thing that was in there. It all works but I can't see how to identify the required key, not that it's a "must have" but it might be useful. I have apair of NOS external door handles to go on too, I have a mismathced pair on at the moment, one with a Wilmott Breedon key and one with an FS type key - and that on

Collecting bits and pieces

Thanks to the power of the Blog, word of mouth, good fortune and a wanted ad on the Club Triumph web pages I have now collected, bought or borrowed most of the bits I needed. So a few "thank you"s are in order to Dave Pearson, Tim Bancroft, Colin Wake, Doug Thomson, Richard Underwood and Tim Walker who have collectively given, sold or loaned me various parts including a working clock (that keeps excellent time), the centre cubby box fittings including lid, hinges, lining, lock, lock keep etc, a PI steering wheel boss, PI air filter canister (now sand blasted, painted and fitted with new filter element) plus other odds and ends! I had a tinker on the weekend but didn't get enough time on the car as we had house guests and various functions to attend but at least the cubby box and clock are in place. I had meant to take the passenger seat out, pull the cover off and re-stitch it where the original seam has parted but that's going to be a long job and I hate leaving the

La Carerra Caledonia

It was outstanding!

An Evening with Brian Culcheth - New CD/DVD

An Evening with Brian Culcheth - New CD/DVD I was trawling the Internet the other day and stumbled across this from the 2000 register. I recall the talk being on somewhere local but I was working and unable to go - I regretted it as Brian's a good speaker and the subject is close to my heart. Anyway, I sent off my cheque and got the DVD back by return - it's excellent :-) The talk is an hour and you can't pause it or rewind it which is annoying when your wife wants to talk to you but I can live with that. The DVD part of is pretty light on Triumph saloon action but there's Dolly and TR7 fun to be seen - Culch is quite scathing of the TR7 describing it as "a pig of a car to drive" whilst waxing lyrically about the 2.5PI he won the Scottish with. Well worth it.

Lock-up garage for rent in RG1 area of Reading

Now rented for at least 6 months, from 10/10/08 I have a property in Reading that I look after for my parents who live abroad, at the last change of tenants the garage became surplus to the new people's needs. It's a standard single garage in a block in front of the flats, long enough to get a Triumph and loads of spares in. No power or light but it's quiet and reasonably secure (it's never been broken into in the last 10 years+ we've had it) Conventional up and over door and easy access that's always clear. It's just off the Tilehurst Road near the junction of Prospect Street - walking distance to the station and town centre. I guess you could park your car and walk down to catch the train if you want - come to think of it that might be a good plan! I'm looking for £35 a month and as far as I can see it'll be available for however long the bill gets paid. I'm happy to keep the garage and flat separate so I don't intend chucking you out - say