Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let the trial commence

Canley Classics - Blog

Yes it's almost La Carerra Caledonia time! Certainly it's unlikely there will be another opportunity for me to blog again before the off. I'm planning on travelling up to Canley Classics tomorrow, stay with Dave tomorrow night ready for the trip up North on Friday. The plan os to fit some "radical new CC product" on my car. A good run around Scotlandshire should see if this kit is as good as we hope. What is it?? Well let's see, could it be the new 100 hp shot of Nitrous? Maybe the all alloy six pot engine, or perhaps some solid rocket boosters for that daring overtaking manouvre? Nope, none of those, so could it be something small and subtle, like an anodised gear knob or freshly chromed coil mounting bracket? Nope - you'll just have to keep guessing. Full story, pictures and verdict here after the event. Unless we crash and burn then I'll just remove this and deny everything :-)

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