Friday, June 22, 2007

Non-Triumph but Blogger specific

I borrowed this from a Blogger at Work but I thought it was interesting as it shows the power of the customer, the Blogger and that you should treat the little man with respect!

Often these things get dismissed as Internet Myth so I followed the trail and verified the story - click the links yourself. It's great stuff - all for the sake of an empty box!

May 25: Blogger Terry Heaton bought a digital camera from the US store's liquidation sale only to find out at home that it was empty box. Let's recount the series of events:

June 2: Terry posts on his blog the response he got from the CEO's office about his empty box problem. A CompUSA agent tells Terry that he should have inspected the box before taking it home and all sales are final. Never mind that Terry was a longtime CompUSA customer and had spent $3,500 that day at the liquidation sale.

June 3: The Lost Remote blog writes about Terry's story. 211 people comment.

June 4: The story is posted to Digg where it's digg'd 2,607 times with 210 comments and rises to the number 2 story in the Digg Business section.

June 4: The story hits the front page of BoingBoing (a very popular website).

June 4: mentions the story in their video show "The Queue."

June 4: Over 50 blogs write about Terry's story.

June 5: Terry finally gets a call from CompUSA apologizing for the situation and promising a $300 gift certificate from the store.

June 5: Terry's story is on the front page of, with the caption "Image problem for CompUSA"

June 5: CompUSA realise the gathering firestorm. CEO attempts to defuse situation by offering Terry cash instead of the gift certificate! Terry accepts but by now the spread of the story is out of his hands.

June 6: Picked up by many of the world's most popular blogs. Front Page of BusinessWeek Magasine. CompUSA share price starts to slip - 15% in 3 hours.
Emergency board meet called at CompUSA.

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