Mirror mirror......

Every now and again a job comes along where you know what needs to be done, you have the parts, the tools, you even know how to do it but you just can't bring yourself to actually do it!

Fitting a pair of door mirrors was that job - all I had to do was mark up and drill 4 holes then screw in the plinths, attach the mirrors and adjust. Easy as falling out of a loft really.

Why then did it take me about a month to fanny about doing this? Probably because I had to drill into my nice new yellow paint with a power tool. Holes that would be permanent and obvious if they were in any way wrong.

Well yesterday I marched out to the garage and did the job, took me all of 20 mins and that includes getting my lovely wife out to hold the mirror in the right place and check placement. Oh and I must remember not to give her a pencil when she's near the car so then she can't drop it down the door glass opening into the inside of the door! Love you Claudia - grrrrr.

So here are the finished articles, satin black as I like the less chrome, more black effect with the yellow paint.

The flash seems to have washed out the colour a little

I've now made a list of the remaining jobs, too many to really get done in time, especially as I have to go to Italy tomorrow for a couple of days for work (how inconsiderate) but there's nothing major.

New heater valve is ordered as are new vac hoses and wiper blades so I think all the parts I need are in the pipeline. I do need to go get some screen wash having now evicted the floating mould and dead things from the washer bottle!

Then there's the route to mark up and the Sat Nav itinery to load up and I think that's about it.

I've got Thursday off so I may just be doing all this then - that will also be the day we decide if it's soft top or take that off and install the hard top (fittings for which are on the way to me now, thanks Tom). If we keep the soft top on then I will polish the windows and clean/proof it (as I have the stuff) although it's very tight and in excellent condition.


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