Saturday, July 02, 2005

I see you baby, shaking that ass!

The Sixfire suspension and handling has always needed tuning ever since we got the car. She sits too high at all round but especially at the back, this leads to a touch of positive camber, never good. The front is too soft, I suspect it's got Spitfire springs on. The shocks aren't aweful but they aren't great either.
If I were driving it more often I'd have invested in 330 lb front springs and a thicker anti-roll bar with either a lowering block on the back or a replacement spring from a trusted source ( to get it sitting right. At the moment it's all too easy to induce rear breakway.
However, as this is Claudia's car I've left it up to her and she's been quite pleased with the soft ride and hasn't taken it near it's limits (it doesn't take much to get there!). Until now that is!
She was out in the rain in the week with a friend in the car, probably gossiping and not paying too much attention to anything. The road was wash and she says she just entered a roundabout at a modest speed, as she came around she felt the rear break away and start to slide, she caught it and apart from some extra laundry, no harm was done.
Of course the first thing I was question on when I got home was suspension improvements.
I'll get onto it now boss!

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