Monday, June 16, 2008

Collecting bits and pieces

Thanks to the power of the Blog, word of mouth, good fortune and a wanted ad on the Club Triumph web pages I have now collected, bought or borrowed most of the bits I needed. So a few "thank you"s are in order to Dave Pearson, Tim Bancroft, Colin Wake, Doug Thomson, Richard Underwood and Tim Walker who have collectively given, sold or loaned me various parts including a working clock (that keeps excellent time), the centre cubby box fittings including lid, hinges, lining, lock, lock keep etc, a PI steering wheel boss, PI air filter canister (now sand blasted, painted and fitted with new filter element) plus other odds and ends!
I had a tinker on the weekend but didn't get enough time on the car as we had house guests and various functions to attend but at least the cubby box and clock are in place.
I had meant to take the passenger seat out, pull the cover off and re-stitch it where the original seam has parted but that's going to be a long job and I hate leaving the car in pieces so I didn't start it.
I've negotiated a wet flat and machine polish with my brother-in-law (the Porsche mechanic, sorry Technician) in exchange for some sales work - I have to sell his 944 race car which is immaculate and indecently quick. Not road registered, it's a stripped out racer but his level of preparation is so high it looks like it should be in a showroom. I'll sort out some pictures and sit down and write up the spec with him, I think I'll put it on Pistonheads first and then go look for the other free places before we get serious. He doesn't have to sell it so he can take his time. It's worth about £8k so I need to do a good job :-)
Jobs on the PI now are
  1. Check valve clearances, timing and a general tune up
  2. Change oil and filter
  3. Change fuel filter and cure possible leak on filter bowl (might just change the lot)
  4. Sort out PI plumbing in boot
  5. Restitch passenger seat seam
  6. Feed seats (again and again)
  7. Clean carpets - will get the steam carpet cleaner on them I think
  8. Sort out drivers carpet fitting, seems a bit loose
  9. Finish rust proofing
  10. Protect inner arches better - where I tickled them with a grinder to fit wheels
  11. Wet flat and machine polish
  12. Sort out the C pillar vinyl trim - material used is too thick and glue too crap to work
  13. Drill holes in new sills for new finisher fixings and fit sill finishers
  14. Sort out under bonnet horn positions so I can
  15. Fit air box trunking and connect
  16. Fit air horns (non-musical!)
  17. Fix voltage stabiliser issues so fuel and temp gauge work
  18. Adjust choke cable so it works properly
  19. Restore and fit underbonnet sound deadening pad
  20. Replace rusted out overrider with better second hand one
  21. Consider taking off the bumpers and running bumperless (see poll)
  22. Find some shadow blue Stag seats - can I find any with headrests?
  23. Find shadow blue boot carpets
  24. I wonder if I can just find a roll of shadow blue carpet!?
Phew, seems like a lot now I've written it down and I've only got 3 weekends before I'm off to India again. At least I've been able to book some serious time off after that, no holiday this year, I am going tot try and do stuff that doesn't cost and uses up the parts I have!

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