Sunday, September 28, 2008

Follow the intrepid Team Atlast around Britain

Just click to go to the RBRR message diary where all the teams' progress will be reported in text messages, emails and possibly pictures too.

The Vantastic team number 13, aka Team Atlast will be updating regularly, well at least until we fall over :-)

All the team's who gave me their mobile phone numbers have been registered and their messages will show up with their team names and numbers. Each team was emailed this morning with instructions on how it works. Please don't ask Keith and I to troubleshoot any problems over the weekend, neither of us will have the time nor the equipment to do much sorry.

Also, if you want to follow us around on the map then click to and courtesy of Craig Gingell and Google maps you can see where we are going to be at what approximate time. All stops will be pretty easy to find and there will be Club Triumph banners, signs and marshalls around. If you're looking for a particular car then ask the marshalls and they will be able to give you an idea of whether the car has been through, is running late or has retired.

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