Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 5 minute job turns into a nightmare

What a silly thing to get stuck on. I thought I'd fit the stainless steel sill finishers onto the PI, easy enough, although the car came without the trim I had found a good pair on eBay and Chris Witor does the special fixing buttons and pop rivets so I'd bought some of those. All the holes were already drilled and basically the job was - pop rivet the new buttons on and then attach the trim.
I expected to have to bang the trim on with the palm of my hand, OK maybe a soft faced hammer. Well, what a pain it's proved to be! The trim buttons have to be a tight git but the angles involved make it so tricky to get the trim lined up, added to the fact that if you don't do it right you risk bending the back of the trim and then it will never go on properly. I had to space out one button with a small stainless washer behind it, just to allow the trim to get a grip. One side is on, the passenger side is in progress now - I came in to swear at the kids.
I am going to have to space a few of these buttons but you only really find that out after you've fitted them so then you have to drill out the rivets - not easy when they spin as they are all well drenched in waxoil! Grrrr and what I'm really annoyed about was that this isn't actually a priority job at all but now one side is on I must finish the other!

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