Friday, February 17, 2006

World Cup car preparation at Abingdon - interesting to note the pile of Rostyle wheel trims behind the door, bottom left - wonder what they are there for?

The caption that went with this picture reads

The Triumph bodies have been specially prepared by Pressed Steel with flared wheel arches to accomodate 15-in x 5 1/2-in Minilite wheels with Dunlop SP44 or SP Sport tyres. The bodies also have built-in ventilation louvres to reduce under bonnet temperatures/ Cooling ducts are also provided to the front disc brakes. Wind tunnel tests have been used to find the optimum position for the bug deflector for the windscreen which is particularly important in South America. An extremely strong roll-over crash bar is built into the car. The cars will have lightweight aluminium bonnet, boot and door panels with perspex windows but in view of additional equipment to be carried on board, the cars will undoubtedly be considerably heavier than the standard model.

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