Friday, June 30, 2006

Metering unit fitted

Remembering to fit the banjo bolted injector lines first (you can't get at them once the metering unit is fitted) we fitted the metering unit. I'd I'd timed the car to TDC, this makes timing the metering unit easier and you do need all teh help you can get here as it's a bitch. The metering unit and dizzy sit on an extended pedestal that means you need an extended drive inside. The whole things sits very high. It's OK but I am now looking for a side entry dizzy cap, Standard Vanguard I think - anyone got one?

The metering units I had represented a good spread of what's out there. You can't really tell what you've got until you whip the top off. Dave opted for the earlier one of the three I brought up - this too came off my original project Vitesse and it must have had a MkI system on it as this was a blue spring unit. Dave sorted out the seals and "O" rings - I am doing this on a budget and Dave's not one to waste money so we didn't replace everything - the rubber parts in a metering unit are expensive - diaphragms are £25 to 30 each retail, "O" rings and seals can set you back another £50 plus - you won't get much change from £100 for parts alone.

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