Are you sitting comfortably?

Or is your arse dragging on the floor?

Do you clean your carpets only to find what look like biscuit crumbs on the floor after a drive? Well you may have KFS - knackered foam syndrome.

That's where someone replaces the seat covers but doesn't do the foams - te foam then starts to fall apart and fall out! This has been happening to the Sixfire, much to the wife's dismay. So I buit the bullet and bought a set of seat foams from Dave at Canley Classics, they ain't cheap but then if you want a proper job, get the proper bits.

Here's what I picked up yesterday at Dave's.

A pair of seat base foams and a pair of seat back foams - the bases are handed and come with the fibre boards. The backs are ambidextrous

Fortunately it was good weather so I could do the job outside - cos it was messy! The old foam fell out all over the place. The towel was to work on so I could protect the leather covers the previous owner had fitted. The frames and straps were all OK having been refurbised when the leather was fitted.

The headrests were a mess, just a bag of disintegrated foam. As you can't get the foamd for the headrests only the whole thing (and that's £70 a pair and in vinyl) I decided to have a go myself. Using some spare foam I had from doing the old Herald seat ss a few years ago I went about making a new headrest and fitting the leather cover over it.

Half way through the job, well not quite! I;ve done one seat back and one head rest - I put it all back in the car as I realised I didn't have any glue for the seat base job! Funnily enough the headrest, that we were not so bothered about and was a compromise, has come out the best! It looks a very different shade to the seat but it's not, the previous owner hadn't fitted them when I got the car so the seat covers have had a little wear and the headrests haven't - Claudia just fitted them to ensure they didn't get lost in the garage - in fact she just whacked them over the original vinyl - they seemed OK for a while. Posted by Picasa


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