Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sitting pretty

I was looking for some cheap and cheerful recliners to put in for the Round Britain Run so Andy and I would be comfortable. Well of course I ended up buying some expensive non-reclining Sparco rally seats in leather :-)
It's a long story but basically I got chatting through email about seats to a guy, he said he'd got some Bond setas that needed recovering and so we negotiated a deal to buy those, then when I asked abouy recovering them he mentioned he had these leatehr Sparco seats. Well then he mentioned they'd been in a Vitesse and were for sale, then to top it all he said he was due to visit some friends who lived local to me and he'd deliver them! So that was the clincher - a deal was done and he came over today with the seats.
I;ve fitted them in and they look great - thanks Adam, I'll look after them :-)
The down side is that now my wife, who's never been that keen on my car, sayd she likes it a lot more!

Ultimately I'd like to change the interior to all black with some Mk2 door cards with map pockets. I'll also take the opportunity to replace teh spring base in the rear seat with foam, that will stop the kids bounding about in the back!

So if anyone has a black back seat with the cover in good condition please let me know, likewise the other bits :-) Posted by Picasa


Martin Randle said...

No offence here Jason but do you fit in OK?

I have a pair of Corbeau competition seats to go in the TR and I certainly feel well wedged in (No pun intended). I reckon they must make them for stick insects.

Jason said...

Ahh but you see I'm only fat in the gut area, I have a small arse and my legs aren't that fat either :-) So to answer your question, I fit fine and have just been out for a blast into Reading to drop off my daughter - the seats are great and really comfortable - one of the best investments yet. I've now given them some hide food and washed & waxed the car so it looks great - time to take it ou and get it dirty again now!