To cap it all!


When I had my tyres fitted the guy who balanced the wheels complained that the centre caps would not come off and asked me to take them off - he didn't want to break them, so I did. Looks like they were glued onto the wheels. Great for staying put but not so good when you want them balanced. The upshot is that I had 4 damaged caps that I tried to stick back on with something less sticky - well now I have three as one fell off and got lost :-(
I took the others off and have been trying to get replacements.
The caps are plastic with a 58mm diameter, 32mm tall and have fixings that are 7mm deep with a 4.5 mm recess in them.
Anyone got any ideas where to get some from? Posted by Picasa


reeksy said…
Quite frankly it's a pain in the wotsits getting hold of these!
I tried contacting the maker of the ones that I had (KN I think) and they were fairly useless. I ended up finding some in the Rimmer's (wash my mouth out!) autojumble ... but they fall off all the time (which makes me wonder why they don't sell replacements), so I opted to just go without. I reckon it looks just as good anyway.

I would try and track down the manufacturers and keep at them.

Also there are older metal ones or the newer plastic ones.
Martin Randle said…
I ordered some from Rimmers years ago but now run the wheels without them anyway for the rally effect (regs say i can't run with them fitted)

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