Friday, August 31, 2007

Legally sorted

Passprot (and Visa) turned up today, phew :-) That's a weight off my mind, everything else is within my power I think. I went back to the hospital to get my toe checked out, hurts when I walk but wasn't too bad driving. Having said that I haven't tried driving the Vitesse yet, the clutch is pretty light so I should be OK.
It'll take a few more weeks to heal fully and I need to keep it strapped up for another week or two.
Tomorrow the work on the car starts in earnest, whilst I've been laid up I've made a list and prioritised it, it won't all get done and to be honest I think if I just jumped in the car now and went it would be OK but I will feel better after I lay hands on the car!
I also heard today that Carl Shakespeare with whom I did the run last year has just got a ticket for his Sprint. He's built this up from a bare shell and has put some serious hours into it. He's coming round tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing the car then.

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