Down to earth with a bump but coming up smiling

I had a rather nasty experience last night. I was up in the rafters of my garage looking for a few bits, unsuccessfully. As I came down, and I'm still not entirely sure how, I managed to send the step ladder sideways. That left me with my torso above the rafters and the ladder falling away. That left me to fall to the concrete floor whilst tangling myself up with the ladder. I manage to scrape both arms on the rafters, whack my face on the ladder and land like a sack of spuds in my arse/hip. I lay there for a while wondering if I had broken anything and thinking "this floor is bloody hard and unforgiving!"
Fortunately I haven't broken anything but I do look like I have been in a fight and am walking like I've crapped myself!
To cap it all, the clips I was looking for we're in a box on the work bench all along, FFS!!!

However, this tale of woe ends on a happy note. I contacted Derek at Club. Triumph to see what the production records could tell me about when my car was made to see if I could get it changed to a tax free historic vehicle.
Derek was able to put my car in a batch that could be 1972 made and some rough maths said it was going to be tight. I then contacted Heritage and for a fiver they will informally confirm by email the build date. I now know that my car was built on the 14th December 1972, result!
So I now have to prove this to the DVLA and get the car class changed to Historic on the v5 then cash in the current tax disc. Fortunately there is a very helpful DVLA local office down the road from me in Theale. There have been registration issues with the last three cars I've bought and they have been excellent with them all.
I just have to finish putting the dash back together before our local meeting tonight!!


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