The heaterectomy

Well that was fun, I've spent most of the weekend getting the heater out of the 6, fixed it up so now it doesn't sound like a spanner in a waste disposal!
Whilst in there I've also replaced the wiper wheel box fittings so now the wipers don't flop about in the wind although the motor is crap!
I've replaced all the coolant hoses now too, including the ones to the heater, whoever designed this must have been on crack.
I also fixed the glove box light, before I took it all apart again :-)
I took the car in a 200 mile round trip to see my mate Dave at Canley Classics, it was a pretty uneventful trip apart from losing the rev counter. It looks like the cable went dry and snapped, new one ordered. The heater valve cable is snapped too! New one ordered.
I managed to reassemble the rev counter so now the oil pressure light isn't rolling around inside it!
I've found that there are a few broken duradot fasteners on the hood cover which means it flaps about in the wind, I've got some new ones but need to make up a tool to fit them.

So now it's sat in the garage with the dash hanging out of it as I was too knackered, bent and contorted to put it all back together tonight, that's tomorrow's job, along with putting in some interior lights.

I also found out on my test drive that the headlights are crap. I think I'll order up some new lenses to convert to halogen or maybe HID (I've had a set on the shelf for a couple of years)

Finally, a chance comment by Dave means that I need to find out if he car was manufactured before the tax cut off. The commission number seems to suggest it is a 72 car despite not being registered until May 73. That could be a bit of a bonus!


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