Let there be light - as long as you hold the wires together with one hand

After last night's hot wiring of the light switch I ordered a new switch ad a couple of other bits from my new best friends, James Paddocks. They seem to be very competitive on price, just watch the VAT calculations on their web site as prices are shown nett until you select a destination for delivery. They also offer "free" postage, just unstick the express option, in practice everything arrives in a couple of days irrespective of what you select. They seem to have most things in stock and the quality is good. I still get stuff from Canleys but as they only do a limited amount of TR stuff I have had to go elsewhere.
Anyway, spookily enough, I just clicked the order button for the light switch when the postman knocked at the door and presented me with my previous order!

A nice pair of halogen conversion lenses which will at least allow me to see something in the dark, once I have a light switch that is. I intend to fit the HID kit I have had on the shelf for many years but for now I'll lob the halogen bulbs in and get the switch replaced, one step at a time!

Also in the bid is a new heater cable a thermostat and some instrument to dash rubber rings so that the tacho doesn't wobble about. Still waiting for a replacement tacho cable from an eBay purchase to arrive to fix that one.

I also managed to replace a few of the broken plastic press studs on the hood bag so it didn't flap up and try to kill me whilst spanking the car along the A33. Canleys came up with the right metal "Durable Dot" type poppers but I didn't have a suitable fitting tool. I improvised one but it's crap so I have ordered a purpose made one as they are only a few quid, I can replace all the crappy plastic poppers then and add in the ones on the inside of the B post that make the real difference.

I am having trouble living with the exhaust though and really would like to get a replacement before the RBRR but the budget is under threat and I may just have to out some ear plugs in! I'm following up on the possibili of a tubular manifold to mate with a sports system I have but the trails gone cold :-(


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