Sunday, April 24, 2005

20 COUNTY CHALLENGE :: Triumph Torque

20 COUNTY CHALLENGE :: Triumph Torque

Looks like the CT boys had a good night out, the usual drama - old cars, you gotta love 'em.

Still, I had a good day today. I had a couple of jobs to do to finish off the Sixfire after Thursday and Friday's work. The controller unit was only zip locked onto the oil cooler pipes and needed a proper mounting. The oil cooler itself needed locating properly as there was something not quite right with where I'd put it earlier. I also wanted to paint up the expansion bottle holder and bottle cap and paint the chassis where we'd welded on the cooler mounts. Also I needed to tidy up some of the pipework that was left.

I had wanted to put some shiny bits in but Canley's didn't have any Stainless bottle carriers in stock. I would have liked to have had a new bottle, carrier, cap and pipework but there's been supply problems with this stuff and only the cap was in stock! Dave pointed me at a 2000 saloon and suggested I rob the bits off that - so I did, I forgot about new bits and just used second hand - today I took them all off and cleaned and painted them. I refitted the carrier with a stainless nut and bolt. As the Sixfire doesn't currently have any engine valences I'd drilled a suitable hole in the radiator mount to hold the carrier - worked fine that way. I will make up some aluminium valences one day.

Back to the main pain - moving the oil cooler. It needed repositioning to clear the GT6 radiator but I needed to make sure it didn't end up in a vulnerable position. Dave and I welded a couple of bolts onto the chassis to slot the oil cooler mount onto. On inspection this morning I found we'd not got them mounted entirely parallel - so out with the grinder! I buzzed off one, measured and repositioned a new bolt and welded it on. I then used a couple of shock absorber rubbers to make it less rigid. The idea is that if I do just catch the cooler on an obstruction it will give a little. It now sits behind the anti-roll bar and looks nice and sheltered. I also trimmed the bottom hose so it is angled away from the oil cooler mount, I don't want it to rub!

That left the controller to mount, I wanted to try and keep it out of the road spray and in a safe place but there wasn't that much wire between the sender and the controller so I ended up making a plate to "hang" it on the alternator adjuster - it fits nice. I'm unsure as to whether this is the best place as it may vibrate a bit too much but it'll do for now :-)

A little red lead primer and some Rosso Red top coat over the welding on the chassis and a few minutes spent tidying up the cables left it looking nice again.

All that's left to do is to put some anti-freeze in the system, it's just water at the moment. Oh and as soon as I can be bothered I'll put some pictures up :-)

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