Sunday, April 17, 2005

Two on show

We went out today for Sunday lunch and took both Triumphs, me and Zoe my eldest in the Vitesse and Claudia my wife in the Sixfire (six cylinder Spitfire). The little one, Poppy, was out with her Grandparents. It was all organised by Hants & Berks Area of the Triumph Sports Six Club where I'm Area Organiser - although I didn't do much organising and ended up being the last one there!
It was fun to get both Triumphs out but it did involved shuffling two modern cars (I'm looking after my parents VW whilst they are in Cyprus). Once both cars were out of the garage I gave them a wash and polish and then decided to go the whole hog and waxed them both! I was knackered after that and needed a rest but the cars looked great.
So off we zoomed to get to the pub in Newbury for 12:00 noon only to turn around and go back home because I'd forgotten a package for a mate, Carl (that's a whole other story - toys from the US) .
So we re-zoomed (sorry) and made our way out onto the A4. The intention was to turn off the A4 ASAP and go via some of the nicer minor roads. Of course no plan survives contact with the enemy and as soon as we got to the turn we were greeted with "Road Closed" signs - sigh.
With my 13 year old Zoe navigating we successfully spent the next 20 minutes traveling parallel to the A4 only to emerge back on the A4 not appreciably closer to our final destination! OK no great problem, let's just follow the A4, turn left and Bob's your uncle, we'll be there. In fact no, we'll be even more lost :-) OK so we drove around in circles for a bit with me thinking "This is stupid", my wife following mouthing "This is stupid" and Zoe keeping very quiet. Suddenly I see a Vitesse with a Club Triumph sunstrip on heading in the opposite direction. I wave like a loony, as I usually do when seeing a Triumph. It's friends Craig & Sarah on their way to the pub -thankfully the phone rings, Zoe answers and it's Sarah with a life line. "Turn round and we'll be in a layby waiting for you" she says - and the day is saved!
A very nice lunch with fellow enthusiasts follows and then we have a nice drive back home, without getting lost at all! And all with the tops down, a glorious 6 pot soundtrack and the sun shining - of course if rained later in the day but by then I'd ceased caring.

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reeksy said...

Hmmm, sounds like a night rally to me!
Oooh, did I say that?