Wednesday, April 06, 2005

WTF was that? A near death experience

OK so maybe not THAT near to death but it was frightening.
So I'm on my way to Norwich, 8am bombing up the M11 in the Toyota Eurobox, in a line of fast lane traffic all doing 70 ish, good spacing, no one doing anything silly. It's chucking it down with rain but visibility is fine. I can see something in front of the car ahead of me, it's black and about the size of a laptop (I'm writing this on my laptop so it wasn't mine!) and it's flying over the car ahead of me and swooping down, heading for me! Now I'm in the outside lane, the inner lanes are occupied, cars all round d a central reservation barrier to my right - you get the picture, ain't nowhere for me to go! So I grip the wheel tightly and whince
It hits the front of my car,
it hits the screen
it hits the tailgate.
I am nervous - I check the screen for cracks, none. Check what I can see for obvious damage - none, nothing seems to be broken so I carry on.

When I arrived in Norwich I took a look at the car - nice gouge out of the front bumper grill and bonnet - big black marks, almost like a massive hand print on the bonnet - with three dents to prove it. I'm not a happy bunny.

I can only think it was a piece of lorry tyre or similar but whatever it was it put the fear of God into me!

Still as I sit here, Billy no mates, in my hotel room, it does give me something to write about and prevents me from ordering another beer - oh, that's it, I'm finished - Room Service!!

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