Panic over!

Dodgy/worn points and a knackered rotor arm - put my spare points in and pulled the rotor arm off the Sixfire, put that in and she fired up and roared. I just now have to re-time it and find the optimum again - the clicker had fallen out of the dizzy, I salvaged one out of a spare dizzy but lost all my settings - I've timed it up thereabouts, just need to give it a run to fine tune. It'll give me a chance to use my accelerometer thingy my mate sent me from the States - just need to wire in a cigarette lighter socket to plug it into. I also noticed that my alternator bracket (the top one) has fractured, they do that. So time for a nice Witor stainless one methinks! That'll complement the stainless catch tank I have "in stock" - ooo shiny bits


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