Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Catching what's dropped

After the rolling road session the car dropped some oil on Neil Slark's newly painted floor and I thought it was time to fit the catch tank I'd had in the garage for a while. An eBay impulse buy from the US it looked quite nice once I;d pulled the silly stickers off it . So armed with some aluminium plate to make a mount I went to work. Here's where it ended up.

The cheapo clear hose needs replacing, I think some nice bling bling aeroquipe stuff will do. I know it's a bit tarty but I like it. I also need to find one of those little filter thingies for the vent just to finish it off.

On the subject of hoses, I think I will replace the fuel hoses too, there are some cracks appearing and whilst they are in a low pressure applictaion I would still prefer something that looks a little safer :-)

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