Rolling rolling rolling

Slark race engineering: Performance engineering and rolling road tuning
I was talking to a mate of mine last weekend, he hill climbs a rather quick Mini and had just had it on the rolling road to try and cure a high rev misfire. He's been using rolling roads for some time and I have been meaning to get my cars tuned up properly for a while. He and I were boy racers many years ago - he in an indecently quick Metro that we replaced the entire front end on and me in a Ford Fiesta that would go off the speedo but frequently eject the whole choke assembly off the carb in a fit of vibration! Mike was my best man when I got married 15 years ago and wrote off that Fiesta when I leant it to him. Not his fault at all and the Insurance comapny were very kind to me ;-)
Anyway, there's a rolling road here in a Reading that always used to have a good reputation, Mike has been there before and sais they were OK so I called them - Clifford Cox. Seems they are having trouble with their operator, he's got some family or health issues and can't work full time. I wasn't filled with confidence that I wouldn't get messed about and as time is precious I thought I'd try Mike's new suggestion, Slark engineering down near Salisbury. Now I remember Slark back in the days when I was hanging around the Mini crowd, most of my mates had Minis. I of course was different and had a Vitesse! Slark were always good with heads but I had lost sight of them over the years and it wasn't until Mike told me he'd been there and they are a well established rolling road operator that I remembered them!


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