Whoo Hooo!!!!

The Sixfire passed it's MOT first time, nothing required, no warnings or advice. I needed something to make me smile again and that was it :-)

I took a look around it this morning having fettled it on the weekend. I don't know what made me try it but having found the Vitesse Dizzy loose yesterday I just put my hand on the dizzy in the Sixfire and wiggled it, bugger me! It was loose! The clamp wasn't tight and I could ove it, quite a lot. Out with the timing light and I timed it back up again, ran a little smoother and faster too.

The MOT man was complimentary - he was an enthusiast and talking to him, he seemed fair and reasonable. I had been told he was and I'd recommend him to anyone, The Sun Garage on the A4 heading out of Reading towards Newbury http://www.sungarage.com/

Now to get out into the garage and try and ressurect the Vitesse!


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