Got no hog rings?

The seat base covers are secured to the wire frames with hog rings, big
metal "staples" that are bent round like a "C". You need a special tool for
them and once they are in, you can't easily get them out. I picked up this
tip from somewhere - use cable ties. They are great for adding tension, need
no special tool and can be removed with a pair of side cutters or scissors
really easily - oh and they are cheap :-)

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reeksy said…
And I take it the seat base fitted fine?
I'd heard that the base foams could be far too big sometimes and needed trimming down.

Now ... can I get these bases for a saloon?
Jason said…
The foam fits fine - I mean it's foam, if it's a little too big then squish it a bit :-)
Having seen how they are constructed I think you could do them yourself if you could find the right foam. When I did the Herald seats that's what I did, it was only temporary but it turned out so good I kept them!

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