In the land of the free

Well I'm sat in the world's lrgest shopping Mall, sipping my frothy coffee and collecting my emails from the Apple shop's free WiFi internet connection (that only works when you're sat right in front of the shop).
Mall of America in in Minneapolis, a city I have driven through in my Dad's 50 foot long "rig" - a pick-up and "fifth wheel" trailer - an experience for sure!
I've seen one Triumph, the one I knew I would see. I've also seen a couple of MGs, one Midget and one B, both in what looked like daily use. I parked my 7 litre 6 seaterpic-up next to the Midget to get a photo but then realised I didn't have my camera on me!
Never mind - I went to a car show and saw many many US muscle cars - I fell in love with a brutal thing called a Plymouth Satelite - one of 315 made with a huge "Hemi" in it - the car that first brought the Hemi to the public - I asked the owner what gas mileage he got "one gallon ever 500 yards" was his reply, he wasn't joking - the thing runs on 106 octane that he "makes" himself - this was a standard road car :-)
Anyway, I'm off now to ride on the theme park that's inside the Mall, of course it's the worlds largest indoor theme park!
I'll try and put some photos up soon, as soon as I can figure out where to sit in comfort and do it.


Martin Randle said…
"I've seen one Triumph, the one I knew I would see."

That'll be a 7 then!

Looks like you are having a great time Jason
Jason said…
Nope it was a GT6!! Although to be fair I did have pointed out a barn with TR7s in it but I didn't actually see the cars. My mate Jerry helped the owner rebuild the brakes on one of the TRs but he sas the guy doesn't drive them much.
Have spent all day in a Water prker here, the biggest in America (of course) and been on the worlds largest "bowl ride" (of course) and am now off to the diner for a slap up meal - yup I guess we're having fun!!

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