Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PI Plumbing sorted

A bit of a landmark today, I managed to collect the last of the plumbing fittings and sort out the fuel line. I went down to the local Pirtek fluid systems place - they are hydraulic experts and can make up hoses etc for you. I didn't want the hose made up but I did need someone to help me get around the incompatibility of the fitting I had with the PRV. Result, they had exactly what I needed - it did cost me a whopping £7.79 which was more than all the other fittings combined but it works. The down side is that I had to lose the fuel tap that was connected to the PRV but I can live with that.
The hose I've used is pretty serious stuff with massive burst pressure but takes "push on" fittings. Easy, you just push on the hose and it will take a couple of hundred PSI no problem. So you "just push on" the fittings do you? Yeah right! They were a bitch to get on, now they are on I've no doubt they will stay on! I made up a clamp to hold onto the hose and make inserting the fitting at the metering unit end easier.
So, the pump now has a cooling coil, a big bore T piece and a tell-tale drain that goes out of the car. The fuel pipe is connected with proper fittings that pass through the wheel well via a grommet. It then runs up alongside the chassis side rails but up out of the way behind the sill. I managed to get it around the front footwell and up into the engine compartment between chassis and scuttle - I relieved the gap a little with my die grinder and made sure I tool all the sharp edge off - this took a while but seems to be OK now.
I ripped all the temp fuel line out of the car and plugged up the two holes with silicone and a nut and bolt The fuel that leaked into the footwell has destroyed the duct tape that I'd used to seal the tunnel so I've left that all open for now. I ran out of time so I'll go back to it and re-seal it all tomorrow evening (if I get back from Norwich at a reasonable time).
So what's left to do?

    Buy a fire extinguisher - Done
    Tune the end float on the Lucas pump - Done thanks to Draper who replaced my faulty multimeter 2 years after buying it!
    Find a way to fit the cooling coil - Just found and bought of eBay a pump, PRV, cradle and cooling coil all fitted together - Done
    Plumb in a "helper" pump for the Lucas pump - undecided on this
    Tidy up the throttle linkage and fit a stronger return spring - sort of done, need to find a better spring -
    Make the plenum to throttle body joiners - Done
    An air filter
    Sort out the tell tale drain from the pump - Done
    Re-mount the filter bowl lower
    Make a boot floor - piece of MDF or ply or similar - so I can use the boot again
    Mount the spare wheel in the boot, on the new boot floor
    Change the fuel filter - just in case, get a spare too.
    Source a take off for the fuel pressure gauge I've got
    Recon a couple of injectors, a spare pump and a spares kit for the car
    Select or buy some tools specific to the car
    Oh and get some inserts in the cylinder head but that's a whole other can of worms!!!

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