Thursday, August 31, 2006

Idle hands and a keyboard!

In a moment of boredom I've managed to do some more RBRR preparation. I've bought some Castrol Valvemaster lead replacement additive for the run off eBay of course! Funnily enough when you look at the listings they all seem to come back to one seller! Nevertheless have a few quid of mine and will be sending me a sack of leaded jizz to squirt in my engine! We'll see what occurs.
I also bought one of those sil blow up travel pillows - I saw a couple of people using them on the plane home from holiday and they seemed to get some sleep - with ear plugs in and my head supported I think I may have a better chance at some rest. Granted it's very unlikely but you gotta try haven't you - I don't think the back seat is going to be any good but who knows. I'm not averse to pulling over and getting 30 mins kip if we need it. With a 2 man crew we have to be sensible about these things. I'm also intending on running with a few other cars - safety and strength in numbers I think :-)
I also went silly and bought an electronic ignition - I have mixed feelings about this but for such a lot of sustained speed driving I think it's a good idea. The last two I've bought have come from and have been fine. I don't usually like electrickery igntions because I like to see what's happeing but they have been so cheap and reliable in the past I thought "What the hell!" I will of course, like any true Triumph driver, have an igntion set in my spares kit to convert back to points!
I need some service bits for the car and I suspect a new set of brake pads won't go amiss (got an annoying squeek and they look a bit low) I'm sure I have a nice set of NOS with mucho asbestos lurking in the garage somewhere!

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