The battle of the sexes, plumbing style!

I should have known, there are different types fo female fittings! No wonder I can never understand women!
I finally managed to get out to the garage to attack the Vitesse plumbing and sort out the fuel lines. I fitted the larger cpacity T piece weeks ago and today I thought I'd get the cooling coil and Aeroquipe hoses in place. Well the cooling coild went in surprisingly easy, I even managed to plum in the tell tale drain from the motor - this is the little pipe that tells you if your seals are failing. If you have failing seals you'll get a little drip of petrol out of this, it's important that you ensure it routes out of the car - petrol leaking and collecting in your car is not a good thing! So I extended the hose down to the drain in the boot floor, added a grommet and all is well.
So, bouyed by my success, I set about the real job. I fell at the first hurdle!

I had bout the neccessary fittings and hose as soon as I realised the plumbing wasn't up t the job. I ordered from the stuff came and all was well with the world. Now I come to fit it I find that there must be 2 different types of adapters - where the hose needs to go onto the pressure relief valve I need to go down from 1/4 BSP to 3/8 BSP - easy enough BUT (why is there always a but?) although the thread is right and the size is right there's a matching problem - the pressure relief valve has a "pointed" end to it's thread ie it's like the left hand thread in the picture above. The Adapter should therefore have a seat that matched it - it doesn't, it has the same "pointed" seat - so the two can't seal :-(

I'm a little hacked off with this as now it's 3:30pm on Saturday (and a Bank Holiday weekend) so I can't do anything about it, Think are close and my local hydraulics place is too. So this will have to wait! I guess I can still try and sort out the pipe route and the metering unit end (that fits OK) but I don't want to immpobilise the car if I can help it - I hate having a dead car in the Garage! Posted by Picasa


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