Pump it up

I don't usually get too excited about new old stock but just recently I've had a couple of bits of luck with NOS. The most recent is this - it's a brand new Lucas PI pump body. It comes with clean inlet and outlet, nice unmolested strainer inside and a new plastic drive dog all held together with a little plastic cover. Cost - £22.50 :-)

I've been chatting to Gareth Thomas about rich running and what can be done, it's obvious that he really knows his PI theory and just recently I've heard some reports of the excellent results he's had sorting out people's PI woes. So I thought, let's see how good he is, we've chatted for ages and suffice to say I have a modified metering unit on the way. We hope it'll arrive in time to fit before next Friday's trip to the Isle of Wight camping weekend, fingers crossed. We'll set up some time in May to tune the car and see if we can make the best of these new bits.

Also in today's news, the Sixfire was woken from slumber and taken to the MOT tester, passed without drama although I can see that it does need a set of front disks, the present set are quite pitted at the edge and warranted an "advisory" on the ticket - I'll get a pair next time I'm in Canley Classics.


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