Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The bitch is back!

Just took the Vitesse down for an MOT, same place as I go every year. Had a few minor panicks this morning doing my pre-MOT checks. First the windscreen washer didn't wash, the little ballbearing non-returns was gunged up again so I sorted that. Then I noticed that the wiper blade on the passenger side had a small split in the end so I robbed one of Claudia's car, as I was doing it I thought "I did this last year!" so yes, I still need a new blade! The one of the rear sidelights was out - lends off and a quick wiggle fixed it, I threw the scredriver in the boot just in case it needed attention at the test, it did!
Off we went, tester was the other guy, there are two chatty amiable old guys and a not so chatty young guy at this place. I think of them as Stator and Waldorf the guys on the muppets! Anyway, everything OK but he was confused by the headlights - apparently they dip in the wrong direction! Now these are the same headlight lenses as have always been on the car - they aren't original as the car has halogens. I have changed the bulbs since the last MOT and I thought it may be that those weird H4 bulbs are prefocussed but they can't be, can they? Anyway, the tester said "Just put some tape on them and I'll test them again" so I did and they passed :-) Looking back at my research I think it must be the lenses. Oh well, something else to add to the list - I wonder if I can get some less obvious beam deflectors?
The tester found a little play in the steering rack - I'm not sure it's where he says it is but as it's just an "advise" I'll take a look another time. I have a pair of track rod ends "in stock" so I may change those to see if that cures it - to be honest I can't feel any play.
Oh and it was "only" £40, I had thought that the fee was now £50. He also said that for lights there was a free retest which was handy as technically the issues with the lights were both fails!
I've been going there for several years now with a few different Triumphs and I'll carry on using Sun Garage in Woolhampton on the A4 next to the Sun pub, you really can't miss it!

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