Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tinkering and getting my top off

Played with the timing agian and returned the electronic ignition, also fitted one of Bill Davies' beautiful rotor arms, so much better that the other repro crap we've all been cursed with. We'll see how it fairs - I carry several spares! I also mixed up some epoxy and set the old repro rotor arms in tight to see if they can be improved - I'm just playing really.
I also pulled he hard top off and strung it up in the garage roof -summer's here :-) I bet it pisses down tomorrow!
I tried to take a vacuum reading at idle but couldn't get anything sensible out of my cheapo vac gauage - granted I didn't have any proper vac tubing to connect it but it should have worked - the vac reading was all over the place but looked to be about 5 inches of mercury. That seems awful low. I've been chatting to Gareth Thomas about metering units and fuel curves as I just can't seem to get mine to run any leaner - it's waaaaay too rich at the moment and apart from drinking like a whale it will begin to soot the plugs soon.
He's going to sort me out a matched metering unit with new seals etc. I'll fit it up and then arrange to get the car tuned - we'll see whether we can get it running how it should be.
That was about it for Triumph playing today, I was dragged out to buy bathroom fittings earlier and have other DIY duties to attend to tomorrow :-(

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