Friday, April 13, 2007

Missing a Blog?

I noticed that Dave Sideways blog was missing from the CT homepage The Dave Sideways Spitfire Tuning Blog "The Crazy Spitfire" Dave's not renewed his CT membership as he's trapped in his workshop porting a K series - as soon as he's able to reassemble his Spit I'm sure he'll use it to break out!! Dave's project is getting interesting and it would be a shame to lose sight of his bloggings - I know it's not a Triumph engine but what the hell! I've been working far too hard these last few weeks, hours on the road between Reading Newcastle and Norwich then a eek off doing DIY (I never even ventured into the garage to see the Vitesse) Claudia has done more Triumph motoring than I have lately.

I was disappointed to see the Club Triumph forum fall over this morning, I hope Keith can get it kick started again for the weekend.

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